Stand alone (independent power)

In areas where grid power is expensive, unreliable or non-existent, solar can cut both the cost of electricity and the dependence of standby generators. Working with leading innovative hybrid technology and off-grid technology, this allows power generated by solar technology to work  autonomous or alongside power generated by the grid or in combination with generators.

Designed to withstand harsh and remote environments, systems designed by Nedsol are equally versatile. This level of service is continued when used to generate solar power for industrial mining and construction sites, scientific or military expeditions, emergency first response, commercial film shoots, large public events; or for the 1.5 billion people living in developing nations with limited or no energy infrastructure, which includes off-grid homes, lodges, villages and refugee camps.

Our mission at Nedsol is to transform people’s lives through innovative clean energy solutions. Bringing renewable, reliable and affordable electricity to the market through the use of off-grid solar power systems. Modern environmentally friendly electricity supply to be made available for remote regions with no (or poor) access to a public grid. To optimally design a system to meet the operational conditions of an off-grid power supply system which is a technically challenging task. To provide tailor-made solutions to specifically fit individual needs and be your partner in successfully generate clean power!

The Line-up

Nedsol has his own line-up of stand alone solutions for independent power. This line-up is devided in 3 ranges; small, midsize and large for all different purposes. For more info or to discuss your needs, please contact us via info@Nedsol.com